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Bully Bitch

Back in the summer of 2008, I had a revelation. That was the year my mother needed physical therapy. But she couldn't get out to go to the hospital for it, so the hospital sent the therapist to her. He was a gentleman from Egypt who had become an American citizen.

I'm sad to say I don't remember his name, but I do remember what he told us. Because it was paramount to what was going on politically at the time.

He told us the Middle East wanted us to vote in Obama because they feared Cain. Just like they feared Bush. But that's a different part of this story.

The part I want to relay is: He told us the Middle East believed they could take us down with the bombing of the twin towers and the Pentagon because they believed we here in America had become fat, lazy and stupid.

Now I can't refute the fat part, but I can the lazy and stupid parts. Bush proved to them we were not either of those. But the problem with all this is the fact that most of the countries in this world do think, at least a little bit, we have become all that.

The 'us being fat' part is obvious, sad to say, but that can be corrected and a whole lot of us are really trying to correct it. But the other 2 parts can also be corrected but there is way too little evidence that any of us are trying to do that.

I'm talking about how we speak our own language, for one. There is a whole list of other things we are slack on accomplishing, but let's get back to the language.

How one speaks his/her own language says a lot about that person, reveals worlds of information to anyone who hears that person speak. We automatically, if not consciously, think a person is less than smart when we hear him/her speak incorrectly. Even when we're not quite sure they are speaking incorrectly. It's a psychological thing.  Now I'm not talking about formal English. That would make that person sound arrogant. I'm talking about correct, conversational English. I'm also talking about this country, the USA, only. The other countries have their own problems concerning this.

When we say things like 'me and Joe went there' or 'me and Judy went shopping', we are letting others think we are not very smart. Sorry, but that is so. Also when we say things like 'I done this' and 'I seen that', we are letting them think we are not very knowledgeable. We have become slack in our speaking and that is also why they think we have become lazy. We are not taking the time and effort to learn our language properly.

Other countries want to do business with us. To do that, they need to learn how to speak our language. It's that way for all the world's countries' commerce. If you want to do business with any country, you need to learn how to communicate. So. . .to do business with us, the other countries teach their kids the English language in their schools.

Those kids learn how to speak it correctly, so what do you think they think of us when they hear us speaking it like we have become in the habit of doing? At times, it's very confusing to them.

I don't like the other countries in this world thinking we are fat, lazy and stupid. I'm trying to do something about my weight problem, it's going slow, but I am very happy I learned how to speak my own language properly. I was an English major in both high school and college. Now I can't tell you I remember names of sentences and phrases, clauses, but I can tell you I know how to say and write them. Formal English and conversational. So when I hear people on our TVs, radios and movies talking the way they do, and remembering what that therapist said, I can't help but get embarrassed. I'm sorry about that, but I do. So I want to do something about it. That's why I put up this website. It's a 'one man show' right now but, dang it, somebody has to start the ball rolling here. We need to get our country back on top. It's sliding down the ladder of authority, and if we don't do something to correct that, we're going to find ourselves on the bottom. It is possible.

I'm only one person, trying to do what I can, so I have picked one topic to work on the most. There are other topics I will blog, and probably yell, about but this is the main one. I want our country to succeed, to be the best we can, but we're not going to accomplish that if we can't get the other countries to think better of us. So here I am. Deal with it.

Love all of you,

Bully Bitch

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